A week ago, I won at theBalm contest this fabulous prize. So, before reviewing these goodies, I just want to share my excitement about this. :)

I’m especially happy about the eyeshadow palette, because I was planning to buy THAT palette. :D Amazing! The contest was held just in time!


Here is the list of what I won:

shadyLady Palette Vol. 2
Sexy Mama – anti-shine translucent powder
Hot Mama – shadow/blush All-in-One
Down Boy – shadow/blush All-in-One
Stainiac – cheek and lip stain



Reviews with swatches… Soon! :)


About theBalm

Beauty means different things to different people.

To theBalm it means being kind to others, loving your pet, excelling in what you’re good at, not being afraid to indulge in dessert, having wonderful friends, great relationships and looking DAMN FINE while doing it!

How did theBalm begin?

Marissa Shipman, lover of make-up, skilled shopper and founder of theBalm, decided that she’d had enough of the corporate world. She longed for a work environment where she could think outside the box, where everything smelled delicious, and where people looked and felt fabulous. Instead of searching for such an environment, she decided to create her own world of all things beautiful, and theBalm was born.

TheBalm is a line of quality make-up made with only the best ingredients guaranteed to give you a beautiful, natural look. “The sassy names we give our products reflect the personality of theBalm… a mix of sexy and serious, smart and funny, romantic and rebellious.”

What’s next? Keep an eye out… if they told you, then everyone would be doing it.


They ship worldwide. :)

Discover the whole range of theBalm’s products on their website: www.thebalm.com

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