I adore summer days combined with light fragrances. I particularly like citrus scents that make this high temperatures bearable with their refreshing notes. Eau Vitaminée is a great addition to the summer – it offers complete refreshment to the body and the mind.

Combination of sweet orange, pink grapefruit, lemon leaf and orange flower makes Eau Vitaminée refreshing and lively, but quite subtle at the same time. Bitter note slightly bites the nostrils, and then a slight floral trail intervenes. Scent of grapefruit is dominant, and the charm of the eau derives from the combination of bitter, sour and sweet.

This is not classic fragrant water, but a refreshing body mist. So, it is designed for the whole body and, because of it, the scent is very mild, but still noticeable. It quickly evaporates and requires multiple applications throughout the day, like the all fragrant waters do.

A pleasant feeling on the skin comes from the moisturizing ingredients and vitamin E. So, this is real vitamin water which, of course, caresses the nostrils with its essential oils and provides soothing effect to the mind.

With this vitamin water you will feel better, so Eau Vitaminée is a much-needed addition to your summer bag, tanned skin and relaxed mind.

Ljeto uz Biotherm: Eau Vitaminée


Ljeto uz Biotherm: Eau Vitaminée


Ljeto uz Biotherm: Eau Vitaminée


Ljeto uz Biotherm: Eau Vitaminée


Net weight: 100 ml | 3.4 fl. oz.

Price: £26.00  | $41.00


Apart from the fragrance mist, from the Biotherm Croatia team I got this lovely hat and the “Beauty from the Deep” beach bag. For a couple of days, I will publish a picture of me with the Biotherm hat at the end of this post. Giveaway will start then as well. You’ll have a chance to win one Eau Vitaminée. :)


Ljeto uz Biotherm: Eau Vitaminée


In a cooperation with Biotherm.

Have you tried Eau Vitaminée? Do you use citrus scents in summer? How do you like the hat?

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