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Diva Defense – Wheat Foundation

SMM Diva Defense foundation has SPF 10+. It is good for light medium complexions with pink, yellow or neutral undertones.

Provides light coverage, but it’s buildable so you can get to the medium coverage. Diva Defense foundation gives smooth and radiant look to the skin. It naturally provides a healing layer of minerals that helps to reduce the appearance of rosacea and calms acne breakout.

I like the texture of this foundation. It is silky and has shiny particles which add some glow to the skin. Wheat foundation is designed for light medium complexions, but it is really adjustable to the skin color, so similar toned skins can’t go wrong with this foundation, too.

Price: from $3.00 to $29.95

Southern Magnolia Minerals

Southern Magnolia Minerals




Cream Soda is a mineral eyeshadow and eyeliner with matte finish. This creamy beige color brightens the eyes and gives pleasant silky feel.

Price: $10.95


Bit O’Honey is a mineral shimmery eyeshadow and blush. Its shade is beautiful shimmery champagne nude. It looks great on the eyelids, but it also gives a bit of color when applied on the cheeks.

Price: $11.95


Moody is a mineral shimmery eyeshadow. This color is amazing! It is silvery brown, very shinny, finely milled, absolutely beautiful.

Price: $11.95


Southern Magnolia Minerals

Southern Magnolia MineralsCream Soda, Bit O’Honey & Moody



All in all, I really like all mentioned SMM products. The colors are beautiful and all of the products feel light and silky on the skin. These 100% pure all-natural minerals are designed to enhance the natural beauty. With the color range and formula, SMM definitely achieves that goal.

Recommended! :)


You can order mentioned cosmetics through Southern Magnolia Minerals’ website – They ship worldwide.

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Do you use mineral cosmetics? What mineral products do you like the most? Have you ever tried Southern Magnolia Minerals?

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