Skindinavia – The Original Makeup Finishing Spray & No More Shine Makeup Finish


The Original Makeup Finishing Spray

The Original Makeup Finishing Spray extends makeup wear, so you can be assured that your makeup would not slip or melt down. It will extend the freshness of your makeup application for whole day.

Every used product – foundation, concealer, eye shadow, blush, will look unchanged.

It is recommended for normal to combination skin types.


No More Shine Makeup Finish

No More Shine Makeup Finish does exactly the same as The Original Spray does, and even more. :) This product is created for oily skin, so it stops makeup slippage on oily areas.

Both sprays uses patented Temperature Control Technology® and that’s the reason why your makeup will look flawless.

The difference between these sprays is in formula, and also in recommended directions of use. The Original Spray should be sprayed to face 2 – 4 times after applying makeup and No More Shine spray before and after applying makeup.


Final thoughts:

I love both of them. :) They provide amazing results – my makeup stays in place for whole day. Since I don’t have oily skin, I spray both of them after applying makeup.

You can order these sprays through Skindinavia’s website – They ship worldwide. They have free shipping till Feb 15th!


Net weight: 4 fl. oz. (118 ml)/piece

Price: $29.00/piece

The sprays are also available in 2 fl. oz. ($19.00) and 8 fl. oz. ($39.00).

PR samples

Have you heard about Skindinavia sprays? What products do you use to set up the makeup?

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