Today I’m representing you the beautiful Seven: Freedom2Express jewelry, which I’ve recently discovered. They offer bracelets, earrings, necklaces, rings, watches, clutches and belts.


The concept:

They bring three unique collections that are based on a woman’s personality, rather than by color and other common denominators. The art of accessorizing comes to life through Seven Freedom2Express; whether you’re getting ready for that much anticipated first date, a girls night out, or a formal business lunch. Each event has its own requirements, yet one element remains the same….YOU.

Instead of shopping for a perfect accessory to accompany an outfit, women of all ages can now search based on their own unique personality and style, making each piece distinctively hers. is not about compromising style, rather about finding a look that describes the individual with a simple glance.

• Lola: She’s trendy, glamorous, elegant and graceful
• Roxy: Punk, edgy, exciting and sometimes a little over-the-top
• Zoie: The Bohemian, earthy and exotic type


Seven: Freedom2Express


Be who you are. Be sexy. Be charismatic. Find your signature style today at

Explore their collections and accessorize with the Freedom2Express yourself!


Seven: Freedom2ExpressLola

Seven: Freedom2ExpressRoxy

Seven: Freedom2ExpressZoie

They’ve set up a special promo code just for Beauty Blogette US readers. :) Use the code BEAUTY20 and get 20% off.

How do you like Seven: Freedom2Express jewelry? Are you Lola, Roxy or Zoie?

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