A month ago, I bought my first Pupa nail polish. Somehow, I’ve never tried their polishes, but judging by how much I like this one, it seems that in the future it will be difficult to resist them. :)

I chose 026 California Soul shade from the Lasting Color Gel collection. I adore this polish, not just because of the beautiful color, but I am amazed with all of its other characteristics, as well. Its texture is excellent, it applies perfectly with its wide brush and it is very pigmented. I apply two layers, but on shorter nails it can go with one. I am thrilled with its long-lasting formula, since it stays on my nails for about 5 days.

For the €6.50 (approx. $8/£5) you get 5 ml (0.17 fl. oz.) of product which puts it in the mini category. This is a standard Pupa nail polish size, so this is not a classic mini nail polish. That also means that it is not difficult to work with it, which tends to be the case with mini ones. The handle is not too short and exquisitely designed brush makes application extremely easy. Since it is really hard to use up polishes, I’m very glad that these high-quality products can be bought at a very reasonable price and in small quantity. It certainly enticed me to try out the other shades (in the meantime I bought another two :D ).

Pupa Milano Lasting Color Gel nail polish 026 California Soul

Pupa Milano Lasting Color Gel nail polish 026 California Soul



Do you use Pupa cosmetics? Have you tried their nail polishes? Do you like California Soul shade?

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