Fashion designer Nicola de Main has made 3 different looks  for Nivea SoftBird Journey, Butterfly Reflections and Flower Dreams.

Nivea Soft limited edition - Nicola de Main


I got the birds design, which suits me well because of my lifestyle, in the last couple of months. :)

I love Nivea’s products and Nivea Soft is one of my faves. It is extremely hydrating, refreshing, it absorbs rapidly into the skin, has a pleasant scent and leaves a pleasant sensation on the skin. It is very lightweight and extremely effective. The main ingredients are: hydrating jojoba oil and vitamin E, which is great for skin protection.

This is a universal cream, which means you can use it for face, body and hands. I use it in all three cases – especially for body and hands, and sometimes for face (individually or as an upgrade to some serum).

This isn’t a new product on the market and I believe that many of you have already tried it, and I’m sure you liked it. :) The specificity of this limited edition is the design, which makes Nivea Soft more attractive.

With the cream, I got a nice silk scarf with Nicola’s signature. The scarf is from Flower Dreams collection.


Nivea Soft limited edition - Nicola de Main


Nivea Soft limited edition - Nicola de Main


Nivea Soft limited edition - Nicola de Main



Net weight: 200 ml (6.76 fl. oz.)

Price: approx. $5.27/£3.95


PR sample

Have you ever tried Nivea Soft cream? What Nivea products do you recommend?

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