Nivea has launched BB cream, 5-in-1 product that is enriched with minerals, provitamin B5 and color. It has a pleasant scent, like all Nivea skin care creams do.

There are ‘light’ and ‘medium to dark’ shades, and I decided to try ‘light’. Although at first looks very dark, it adapts to my light skin tone well.


Let’s see what Nivea claims and what the cream really does:

  • Evens out the skin tone and reduce the visibility of pores.

My observation: slightly beautifies the skin, but does not reduce the visibility of pores.


  • Covers imperfections such as pimples, signs of fatigue, dark areas around the eyes, dark spots, blemishes and minor wrinkles.

My observation: it gives very poor coverage, but can somewhat mitigated dark areas and blemishes.


  • Makes skin glow and emphasizes its natural appearance.

My observation: as claimed – it gives dewy finish and the skin looks natural.


  • Provides hydration and it is quickly absorbed.

My observation: it’s not quickly absorbed, but provides excellent hydration.


  • With SPF 10 protects skin from harmful environmental effects of the sun and premature aging.

My comment: protection from harmful solar radiation is certainly necessary and positive feature of this cream.


BB creams are combination of preparative and decorative cosmetics. The most famous ones are Asian, and according to what I experienced and read, they provide much better coverage from Western ones. I reviewed Missha M Perfect Cover which is an Asian BB cream. For me, that cream is a substitute for liquid foundation, and doesn’t do anything for skin care.

Generally, Western BB creams don’t provide good coverage, and such is the case with this one. But as a real preparative brand, what Nivea is, it provides exceptional hydration. Of course, it also adds color to the face, so it works like a tinted cream. Therefore, if you opt for this product you can expect a natural look with toning and moisturizing.


Nivea BB Cream – Light

Nivea BB Cream – Light



Net weight: 1.69 fl.oz. | 50 ml

Price: approx. $9.43 | approx. £5.87


PR sample

Do you use BB creams? What are your experiences with them?

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