I – perfect is a liquid foundation with a built-in brush. It comes in a nice silver packaging. After a few clicks the foundation comes out to the brush. The foundation blends nicely with the skin, its color adjusts to the individual skin tone, feels lightweight on the skin. It comes in six shades: Nougat, Vanilla, Cinnamon, Caramel, Cocoa and Mocha.

Provides low to medium coverage – it behaves like a tinted moisturiser.

The brush is great. It provides a precise application and it’s really good for working on harder to reach areas, like around the nose area.

Foundation with a built-in brush is great for carrying in a bag, so when needed, the foundation can be easily applied without soiling the hands.

I – perfect costs £28.50 (approx. $45.60). You can order it from New CID Cosmetics site. They ship worldwide.

Rating: 4/5

New CID Cosmetics i – perfect

New CID Cosmetics i – perfect

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