This summer, I use Kérastase products for hair care. Actually, I’ve started using them earlier – in the spring :) (June 12 was my first swimming day).

My plan is to write a series of posts about my hair care with Kérastase products in order to see their progress over months. So, there will be reviews of each product and at the end of summer my final impression.

My hair is long and bleached, so I need a good protection. But every hair type needs protection, so I bring you some tips for hair care during summer days.

Kérastase Paris Bain Aprés-Soleil, Soleil Creme Richesse & Elixir Ultime

Kérastase Paris Bain Aprés-Soleil, Soleil Creme Richesse & Elixir Ultime


  • Hair should be protected with SPF, just like the skin. This will prevent dryness and split ends. Dedicated shampoos, masks, oils and protective sprays will give your hair the necessary protection and hydration, so your hair will be healthy, soft and supple.
  • Bleached and dyed hair needs some extra protection. Color will fade, and bleached hair, without the right care and protection, will become very dry. For prevention, Kérastase Soleil offers a line from which I tried a shampoo and a mask. Bain Après-Soleil anti-damage shampoo for color-treated hair provides UV protection and preserves color radiance. Crème Richesse mask provides intense care and nourishment for color-treated hair.
  • Protect your hair from harmful UV rays even when you are not on the beach. But, when on the beach, never forget to use protection – UV radiation is increased, because of the reflection of sun rays from the sea surface.
  • Hair dryers should be definitely avoided, at least in summer.
  • Prevent split ends by cutting your hair before you go on a vacation.
  • Hats are a must-have this season. They will protect your hair, face and scalp, which can get sunburned as well.
  • Nourish hair with oils (not just in the summer). I’ve tried Kérastase Elixir Ultime oil which deeply nourishes, nurtures and cures the damaged hair, but also protects from damaging. The hair instantly becomes smooth, soft and beautifully scented.


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What are your experiences with Kérastase products?

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