Mineralissima natural mineral makeup is not a regular cosmetic line. Unlike conventional makeup, Mineralissima harness the healing benefits of pure crushed minerals to achieve a flawless, radiant face and healthy skin by using natural ingredients. Mineralissima makeup contains absolutely no chemicals and is designed to be beautifully light and soothing for skin with the added protection of natural SPF.

How to use mineral makeup

1. Sprinkle a small amount of mineral makeup into the lid of the jar.
2. Tap or circle your kabuki or foundation brush in the powder so that it is infused in the bristles.
3. Gently apply the makeup onto your face using circular strokes. Re-apply for fuller coverage.


The products



Mineral bronzer Choco

A really beautiful bronzer with shimmer that blends into the skin perfectly. The color looks very natural on the skin.

Ingredients: mica (CI77019), titanium dioxide (CI77891), iron oxides (CI77491, CI77492, CI77499).

Price (5 g): €13.00 (approx. £10.30/$17.30)


Mineral blush Joy

I don’t wear such deep shades very often, but this one is an excellent combination with the Choco bronzer. It’s perfect for tanned skin.

Ingredients: mica (CI77019), titanium dioxide (CI77891), ultramarines (CI77007).

Price (5 g) – €11.00 (approx. £8.70/$14.70)


Chiffon Finish mineral veil

Extremely fine powder that can be used alone or as a finishing touch after applying foundation. This is an ultra-light, transparent powder that has silky texture. Because of its amazing texture it’s no wonder that this product is a bestseller.

Ingredients: mica (CI77019), titanium dioxide (CI77891), zea mays, iron oxides (CI77491, CI77492).

Price (10 g) – €14.00 (approx. £11.10/$18.70)


Mineral eyeshadows

Feather is a lavander-pink-silvery eyeshadow that looks really beautiful on the eyelids. I wore this shade as a highlighter as well and this multifunctionality makes it even more special.

Ingredients: mica (CI77019), titanium dioxide (CI77891), iron oxides (CI77491).

Price (2g) – €5.95 (approx. £4.70/$7.95)

Also, I got Emerald which is such a gorgeous green shade. I couldn’t find it on the site, so I believe that is (currently) unavailable.


Large powder kabuki brush

Of all the products, this one I use the most. In fact, except for applying mineral makeup, I use it for applying all other powder products. This very soft synthetic brush does a really great job.

Price: €7.50 (approx. £5.96/$10.00)


Mineral foundations

I got a few foundation samples, so I’ll show you the swatches. Since those are mini samples, I didn’t test them on my face.

2.3 Medium
Ingredients: mica (CI77019), titanium dioxide (CI77891), zinc oxide (CI77947), iron oxides (CI77491, CI77492, CI77499).

2.75 Neutral Warm
Ingredients: mica (CI77019), titanium dioxide (CI77891), zinc oxide (CI77947), iron oxides (CI77491, CI77492), ultramarine blue (CI77007).

3.0 Medium Warm
Ingredients: mica (CI77019), titanium dioxide (CI77891), zinc oxide (CI77947), iron oxides (CI77491, CI77492, CI77499).

3.15 Medium Neutral
Ingredients: mica (CI77019), titanium dioxide (CI77891), zinc oxide (CI77947), iron oxides (CI77491, CI77492, CI77499), ultramarine blue (CI77007).

Price (sample size): €1.75 (approx. £1.40/$2.30)



MineralissimaChoco bronzer, Joy blush, Chiffon Finish, Feather eyeshadow & Emerald eyeshadow

Mineralissima Mineral foundations: 2.3 Medium, 2.75 Neutral Warm, 3.0 Medium Warm & 3.15 Medium Neutral


All in all, I really liked all the products. Those minerals are really fine, they blend perfectly into the skin and all the shades are beautiful.


You can order Mineralissima products through their website – http://www.mineralissima.com/. They ship worldwide.


PR samples

Have you heard of Mineralissima? Do you use mineral cosmetics?

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