Maybelline New York organized an event for beauty bloggers where they presented Baby Lips lip balms. Unfortunately, I couldn’t come to the event, but I still got the balms, as well as a few beautiful gifts. The most special one is definitely a pop art painting of me. I adore it! Thank you Ana for sending such a fab gifts. :)


There are 6 available balms in Croatia, 3 are colored and 3 are colorless. So, accept care, first 3 give a hint of color to the lips and the other 3 provide protection (SPF 20).

Here are official descriptions of the balms:

  • Peach Kiss – gentle color and glow with the irresistible aroma of peaches
  • Cherry Me – ravishing red color with natural cherry aroma
  • Pink Punch – seductive pink color with the exotic aroma of passion fruit
  • Hydrate – colorless balm with soothing aroma of lemon and basil and SPF 20
  • Fresh Mint – colorless balm with a refreshing aroma of mint and SPF 20
  • Intense Care – colorless balm with natural aroma of cherries and almonds and SPF 20

It is stated that they contain:

  • vitamin complex (vitamin E, vitamin C, vitamin B5) – helps the lips to stay smooth and healthy
  • SPF 20 – protects lips from harmful effects of UV rays
  • shea butter – moisturizes lips and makes them soft
  • Centella Asiatica – restores lips and diminishes fine lines


Maybelline claims that after 4 weeks of use lips should be renewed and baby soft. I’ve just started using them, so here are my first impressions. The most pigmented is Pink Punch, but I like Peach Kiss the most. It only provides shine and it has a beautiful aroma of peaches. From colorless, Mint Fresh is very interesting because of the mint aroma and, when I’m in the mood for a weaker flavor, I use Intense Care.

Maybelline New York Baby Lips

Maybelline New York Baby Lips

Maybelline New York Baby Lips

Maybelline New York Baby Lips

Swatches of the colored balms you can find here.


Have you tried Baby Lips balms? Which one is your favorite?

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