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Light Neutral Luminesse

This foundation is created for light skin with neutral undertone. It provides silky glow finish.

Lumiere S&B - Light Neutral Luminesse


Light Cool Cashmere

It is designed for light skin with cool pink/blue undertone. It gives velvet finish with a soft silkiness.

Lumiere S&B - Light Cool Cashmere


Both foundations are created for all skin types and provide light to medium coverage. You can build your foundation, but don’t carry away, because less is more and you don’t want to end up cakey.

Swirl, tap, buff is a right way to use mineral foundations. That means: put a small amount of powder on the inside of the lid, swirl the brush into it to pick the powder up. Get rid of excess by tapping on the edge of the lid, and in circular motions, buff the powder on your face.

I like them both. I use them when I don’t need much makeup, just to give me a light coverage. The shades are adjustable to skin tones, so they both suit me well. There are tiny golden particles in both of them, especially in the Cashmere one. They provide a subtle glow and do not look shimmery on the face.

Lumiere foundations




Poppy is described like: soft natural nude light pink.

I love this color! This is a perfect shade of neutral pink that anyone should have.  It’s easy to work with, because you can’t go wrong if you add too much of the product. It is light, so a lil’ extra wouldn’t give you a clowny look.

Lumiere - Poppy


Terra Cotta

It’s described as medium bodied nude peach. In my opinion, it is a combination of darker pink and peach colors.

It looks amazing on the skin!  This color is bolder, so you don’t want to go crazy with adding too much of the product.

Lumiere - Terra Cotta


Both colors are amazing – they give a beautiful, healthy look of the skin. In combination with some mineral foundation, the skin looks velvety, soft and healthy.

Lumiere blushes


Eye Pigments


It’s described as magnificent royal purple, edging on the blue side of the spectrum.

This is a beautiful royal purple. The pigment is finely milled, shimmery, it’s easy to work with it.

Lumiere - Divine

Sparkle Turquoise Prismatic

Oh, it is amazing! I love the turquoise sparkles on my eyelids.  This is a really special pigment which goes well alone or with an eyeshadow of your choice.

Lumiere - Sparkle Turquoise Prismatic


Ditto 06

Color description: Bold Coppery Sparkles – looks “chunky” but, goes on smooth!

Gorgeous, gorgeous color! I love gold, copper, sparkly colors, so this one suits me very well. :) The color is really bold, really amazing! When applying, your face will probably end up covered with this pigment, so be careful with the application.

Lumiere - Ditto 06


I was amazed with all eye pigments. I love the colors and great texture.

Lumiere eye pigments



You can order reviewed products through Lumiere Cosmetics website – They ship worldwide.

PR samples


How do you like the colors? Have you ever tried Lumiere Cosmetics products?

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