L’Oréal Professionnel released Pro-Keratin Refill line on the market – the line that returns hair keratin and provides protection.

Hair is made up of 85% keratin which gives shine, flexibility and strength to the hair. Natural keratin is damaged and lost overtime. Pro-Keratin Refill is a professional haircare range that targets damaged and weak hair caused by mechanical, chemical and environmental aggressors and leaves hair feeling 70% stronger.


My hair is bleached, so it needs adequate care. With constant use of the right products, which usually means professional products, my hair stays in great condition and, despite the bleach, it is always very strong and thick. Before I started using Pro-Keratin Refill products, I had tested some drugstore hair products for the purpose of reviews, and it felt so good to return to the professional ones.


From Pro-Keratin Refill line I tried correcting care shampoo and masque for damaged hair.

The shampoo gives deeply cleaned hair. I noticed that my scalp stays cleaner slightly longer compared with some drugstore shampoos. In combination with the masque, the hair becomes soft, supple and shiny. These products restore hair and the masque itself protects it from outside influences. I’m really thrilled with the effect and every time after using it I am pleasantly surprised with the look of my hair. It is extremely strong, yet silky. It looks really healthy.

Although I always use oils for finishing touch in order to get a salon look, I have to mention that I sometimes had skipped this step and my hair still looked very shiny and sleek. Of course, oil is always a great idea for a bit of magic. I recommend Mythic Oil which I reviewed here.


I am completely amazed with these products! They are really superb, perfect for my hair and I can already tell you that they will be on my 2013 best products list. :)


L'Oréal Professionnel Pro Keratin Refill shampoo & masque



  • shampoo (250 ml/8.45 fl. oz.) – £10.85 (approx. $17.50)
  • masque (200 ml/6.7 fl. oz.) – £14.35 (approx. $23.10)


PR samples

Would you like to try something from this line? What hair products are you using currently?

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