This post was previously published here, on June 03, 2010.

I’ve recently bought Lierac Deridium cream. I’ve just started to use it so it’s to early to write about its effects, therefore I can’t evaluate it. What I have noticed so far is that, after applying, the skin is smooth to the touch. The cream has mild, pleasant scent. It’s in a beautiful glass jar which is quite heavy. It is recommended for women older than 25 years of age to prevent wrinkles and reduce existing ones. The cream stimulates production of collagen and elastic fibers. It provides high moisture to the skin and is excellent for dehydrated skin. Protects against external influences.

From the Deridum line there is no day and night cream; use the same in the morning and/or evening. There are three products in this line: cream for normal and combination skin, cream for dry and very dry skin and serum.

I paid £19 for 50 ml (1.7 oz) of product (it costs $54 in USA). I don’t know what is the price in Croatia, but I do know that prices of Lierac products are terrible here. I guess it’s between 300 and 400 kn (£34 – £45; $53 – $71).

Lierac Deridium cream

Lierac Deridium cream


Lierac Deridium cream is OK, but nothing sensational. An average cream.

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