2013 fall makeup collection

This season, Lancôme draws inspiration from iconic „effortless made-in-Paris chic“. A unique sense of elegance nestling within a secret: luxury teamed with creativity, bold twists on classics and new arrivals alongside the art of rewriting codes with a touch of wit.

 Following in Parisian steps, take an inspiring walk with Lancôme from the roses in Parc Monceau to the lights of the Eiffel Tower. The essence of their inimitable style is captured in a sumptuous collection with a fresh take on Paris’ best-known beauty symbol: red lips, skilfully sculpted in vibrant colour, accompanied by the perfect manicure… Effortless…

Lancôme L'Absolu Désir


Lancôme’s fall is colored with red lipsticks and black nails. I really like this choice. Red lips are always welcomed and I love the elegance that dark nail polishes give to fingers. Also, the collection contains a beautifully designed blush.

Here you can find the photos of the whole collection.


I especially like that L’Absolu Désir contains lipstick that I adore. It is 132 Caprice, whose packaging every now and then gets a new design. I have one of the Golden Hat Foundation collection. With this post I want to remind you on that amazing lippie, and I have no doubt that other shades from the collection are beautiful as well.


Lancôme L’Absolu Rouge 132 Caprice

Najbolji Proizvodi 2012. godineThe best lipstick of 2012 (post)


Review of the lipstick you can find here.


Do you like L’Absolu Désir? What products would you like to try?

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