Place: Restaurant Bon Appetit, ZG

Time: 02/16/2012, 04-06 PM

Although location is not exactly on my way, I could not resist the invitation from one of my favorite brands. :)

There I met Lancôme team made of 3 great ladies. Also, there was editor in chief of Ogledalo magazine and several beauty bloggers: Maybe’s New Start, TheChloee’s everyday, Beauty addict, and Variola Vera Make-up & Stuff.

We enjoyed trying out Lancôme’s products. The specialty of this presentation was that we had the opportunity to learn more about products from the collection that has not yet emerged on the market.

Brilliantly designed presentation included introduction to the brand with an emphasis on new arrivals, all accompanied with snacks and pleasant conversation. We also received a few gifts in the form of Lancôme’s products and lovely white rose, which you already know that is the hallmark of this brand.

I’m happy that Lancôme (L’Oreal Adria d.o.o. to be exact) decided to cooperate with beauty bloggers and demonstrated that they’re going along with the global trends. Also, they’ve provided to us, beauty bloggers – real lovers of makeup, to enjoy cosmetics empire made of wonderful colors and textures.


Beautiful novelties (click):

Lancome event


Here are 4 pictures of spring / summer collection Roseraie des Delices (I’ve already presented it here):

Lancome event


Lancome event


Lancome event


Lancome eventOnly for Marina – you were wondering what is the point of green lip glosses (here), so I found that out just for you. :D Of course, they are not green on the lips, but their green particles make teeth whiter. :) Like and want! :x


Furthermore you can see Lancôme’s new arrivals which are not yet available for sale (foundation Teint Idole Ultra 24H and In Love collection made of lipsticks and nail polishes):

Lancome event


Lancome event


Lancome eventI’ve borrowed the Chloee’s hand. :D She swatched the lipsticks from the image above.


Lancome eventAnd then we started to build a tower … :)


Lancome event

Lancome event


Lancome eventNote the huge brush. And the price will be lower than usual. ;) More words about it in one of the following posts.


Lancome eventSmall presents are hidden in these bags.
I’ll show you what I got and will review the goddies, soon. ;)


What products would you like to try out from In Love and Roseraie des Delices collections?

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