DreamTone is a new-generation customized skintone correcting serum.

It is formulated to target imperfections and to leave skin looking flawless. Dark spots and blemishes should appear diminished, color imperfections and redness should be reduced and the look of sallowness should be replaced by a warm, peachy glow. Overall, skin should look smooth, beautiful and healthy.

DreamTone is formulated without parabens, sulfates and phthalates.


It comes in a 3 different shades for Fair (1), Medium (2) and Dark (3) skin tone. You should pick the shade by the way your skin tans on the sun. If your skin burns easily on the sun and it is prone to redness, than you should pick the shade 1. If your skin tans easily, than you should pick the shade 3. Correcting serum no. 1 is designed to reduce redness, no. 2 to beautify the skin that have problems with yellowish tan and no. 3 is the best choice for removing dark spots.

I chose no. 3, because my skin tans easily, even thought no. 2 would be a better choice for my winter tan. I tried both shades and the great thing is that they don’t leave color traces.

I don’t have problems with dark spots or any color imperfections, so I’m not the right model for this serum. Because of that, I didn’t expect anything from it, but luckily I did see some improvement. The serum gave me a beautiful glow. I used it every night, before sleep and I was really amazed with the skin glow in the morning. Also, my skin became smoother and softer.

The only con with this product is the packaging. I experienced problems with the pump – the serum doesn’t want to come out off the bottle. I have to push really hard to see some of it.

My serum was placed in a beautiful box that glows from the inside. I believe that you can’t buy it, because it is only for promotional purposes, but I wanted to show you how amazing it looks like.


Unfortunately, I can’t tell does DreamTone removes dark spots, but my skin really did look smooth, beautiful and healthy after using it.

Lancôme DreamTone

Lancôme DreamTone

Lancôme DreamTone

Lancôme DreamTone

Lancôme DreamTone

Lancôme DreamTone

Lancôme DreamTone

Lancôme DreamTone2 & 3


Net weight: 40 ml | 1.3 fl. oz.

Price: £69.00 | $98.00



PR sample

Have you tried DreamTone? How do you like the packaging?

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