I got 3 Lancôme Color Fever gloss as a gift from ItGirl. :x Although I prefer lipsticks, these lip glosses totally amazed me, so these days I mostly use them.

Darling Rose #334 is a soft shade of pink, so it does not have the same intensity as it looks in the package. Aaron’s Red #125 is an intense red color with excellent pigmentation. Beige Paradise #200 has exceptional pigmentation and it is the only one filled with shiny particles.

All three glosses have intense, pleasant taste/scent. Darling Rose and Aaron’s Red give a beautiful glass shine and Beige Paradise provides a high glow because of the shiny particles.

The reason why I especially like Color Fever Glosses is that they have a non-sticky formula, they are long-lasting and have a fantastic applicator. Shape of the applicator provides precise application. In addition, delivers sumptuous color with just one stroke. Because of the best applicator on the market and long-lasting application, these glosses are one of the best that I have ever tried.

All three amazed me. In warmer days, I mostly used #200, and in the last days I’ve mostly used #334 in combination with lipstick to increase its intensity. I keep #125 for special occasions. :)

Lancôme Color Fever Glosses

Lancôme Color Fever Glosses

Lancôme Color Fever Glosses

Lancôme Color Fever Glosses#334, #200 & #125


Net weight: 6 ml (0.2 fl.oz.)

Price: $26.00 | £20.00


Have you ever tried Color Fever Glosses? What are your favorite lip glosses?

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