In May, I wrote about La Prairie event, where I received a few products to try them out. In this post I bring you short reviews of products from the Swiss Daily Essentials line.

Swiss Daily Essentials line is described by the slogan: “Clean skin is beautiful skin.” So, La Prairie points out that beautiful and healthy skin begins with cleansing and toning. Every La Prairie’s cleanser is enriched with La Prairie Cellular Complex – an exclusive cellular complex with sophisticated ingredients which serves to satisfy the individual needs of the skin.


Cellular Cleansing Water Eyes FaceGentle and refreshing water that immediately removes makeup from face and eyes, without drying out the skin, ideal for sensitive eyes and for people who wear contact lenses.

So, the great thing is that it can remove makeup from the face and eyes as well. It doesn’t dry out the skin and does not cause any irritation. It is very gentle and as such is suitable for cleaning around the eye area. Gentle products are always welcomed for that area, but this cleanser is not strong enough to remove all products. In fact, it cleanse the face well, but it has issues with some long-lasting mascaras and eyeliners.


Cellular Refining Lotion Cellular Refining Lotion – A gentle alcohol-free toner. For normal to dry skin.

This delicate toner hydrates and softens the skin. It smells wonderful.

Also, it should help minimize the appearance of large pores. Products for minimizing the appearance of pores are usually designed for oily skin, so it is a big plus that there is a product for other skin types. I couldn’t test it, because my pores are in good shape, but I have to draw attention to this important information. :)

La Prairie Cellular Refining Lotion & Cellular Cleansing Water Eyes FaceCellular Refining Lotion & Cellular Cleansing Water Eyes Face


Foam CleanserFormulated to clean and soothe the skin, to remove makeup and surface impurities. For all skin types.

This is my type of cleanser. :) The skin becomes deeply cleansed, very soft, smooth and radiant. This foam does a really great job. However, you should be very careful with it, because it hurts the eyes when in contact with them.

I was so impressed with the effectiveness of this product, so it became one of my favorite cleansers.

La Prairie Foam CleanserFoam Cleanser


PR samples

Have you ever tried any La Prairie product?

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