Satin Powder

Satin Powder really feels like satin because of the micro-fine eyedust powder. It has the perfect texture, it’s very lightweight on the eyelids, it has excellent pigmentation, and it provides brilliant shimmer effect. Amazing product!

I tried 4 shades, which codes you can see below the second photo.

Kryolan Satin Powder


Kryolan Satin Powder SP 222, SP 664, SP 552, SP 233

Aqua UV Day Glow

As the name implies, these are water colors, which means they have to be applied with water. They are easy to remove with water as well. Aqua UV Day Glow can be applied to any part of the body. The specialty of these dyes is that they glow under UV light.

I am amazed with their intensity. My favorite shade is green. :)


Kryolan Aqua UV Day Glow


Kryolan Aqua UV Day GlowGreen, Pink, Blue


PR samples

How do you like the colors? Which is your fav one?

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