Last week, Maybe and I stopped by the Kryolan store on the occasion of its opening (Zagreb, Brozova 36/2). Actually, they opened the office where you can try and buy their products.

Kryolan Cosmetics is a professional cosmetics line which has extensive application in theater and on film. Makeup artists love it, and I think you’ve already noticed that beauty bloggers love Kryolan as well. The reason lies in the excellent quality of their products. Also, the good thing is that they are priced between drugstore and high-end brands.

After a pleasant conversation over coffee, it was time to try and photograph some of the products. :)


Kryolan Hrvatska


Kryolan Hrvatska

Kryolan HrvatskaGlamour Trio – a multitsker: eyeshadow, blush and/or bronzer


Kryolan Hrvatska

Kryolan HrvatskaVIVA mono for eyes, face and body; use wet or dry

Kryolan HrvatskaVIVA palette


Kryolan HrvatskaHigh Gloss Brilliant Lipshine
Amazing, highly pigmented lip glosses!

Kryolan HrvatskaHigh Gloss Brilliant Lipshine swatches


Kryolan HrvatskaLip Glisser and Concealer Wheel


Kryolan HrvatskaBrushes; Premium brushes are housed in interesting plastic tubes (Premium Fan Brush on the photo)


Kryolan HrvatskaGorgeous Eyelashes


Kryolan HrvatskaLipstick Classic

Kryolan HrvatskaLipstick Fashion

Kryolan HrvatskaLipstick Pearl


I also tried Skinliners which are extremely long-lasting, so I could not completely removed them from my arm. :D Cake Eye Liners are beautiful! You can apply them with a sealer or water. I didn’t left empty-handed, so reviews are coming up soon. ;)

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