Aquacolor Interferenz Wet Makeup – RB

Aquacolor products have to be applied with slightly moistened applicator. They can be applied on face and body, but I use this color only for my eyelids. RB is a beautiful, iridescent shade of purple. It has very pleasant scent.

Net weight: 4 ml (0.135 fl. oz.)

Kryolan Aquacolor Interferenz Wet Makeup - RB



Lipstick Classic – LC165

Kryolan offers Classic, Fashion and Pearl lipstick lines. This one is from Classic line and I think that is ‘too classic’ – it seems like scent/flavor and appearance of the packaging stuck in time. I like the texture, which is very creamy, but after a while it dries the lips and it’s not durable at all.

Kryolan offers a really huge lipstick range (you can see complete offer HERE). Maybe low quality can only be applied to certain shades and it is possible that Fashion and Pearl lines are better. However, I have no intention of trying out the other lipsticks. I find them repulsive in the start, because of the old-fashioned touch.

Net weight: 4 g (0.14 oz.)

Kryolan Lipstick Classic – LC165



Kajal – Black

This is an eye pencil in intense black shade. It is very creamy, but overly greasy. After a few blinks it smudges all around the eyes. I do not recommend it.

Length: 12 cm (4.7 in)

PR sample

Kryolan Kajal - Black


Kryolan – aquacolor RB, lipstick LC165 & kajal black


Have you ever tried Kryolan products? What products do you like and/or dislike?

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