I love this lipstick. I wear it almost every day, because it is great for daytime look. Color varies depending on your natural lip color, number of layers and/or lip pencil, so you can get a light purple, beige or flesh color.

It has long-lasting formula which means it will stay on lips for hours, even if you eat and drink lightly. If you do not eat/drink, it can stand approximately 5 hours in an unchanged form. Even when it starts to fade, it fades evenly, so it always seems that I have lipstick on.

It’s creamy, moisturizing, has pleasant scent… It does not exaggerate in the above characteristics, but it’s excellent in everything.

Well, it exaggerates in something – it has the heaviest packaging! Two mirrors that are placed in metalized housing make it heavy. The packaging is really luxurious and it distinguishes Rouge G from any other lipstick, but it is not very handy. I must admit that I never really had the need to use its mirrors, so I was not yet convinced of its practicality.

It would be great that less luxurious versions are available, some without mirrors that would cost less. Then the most attention would not go to the packaging. Or at least would be great that there are refills, because it’s kinda sad what will happen to the mirrors once I spend the lipstick… But, Guerlain is a luxurious brand, so they thought luxuriously and hired Lorenz Bäumer, jeweler from the Place Vendôme in Paris who has designed this impressive appearance.

All in all, it looks really special, and with regard to the color, durability and texture, Rouge G in color Gracia is one of the best daily lipsticks that I own. :x

Guerlain Rouge G #66 Gracia

Guerlain Rouge G #66 Gracia

Guerlain Rouge G #66 Gracia

Guerlain Rouge G #66 Gracia

Guerlain Rouge G #66 Graciawith flash (a few layers | one layer)

Guerlain Rouge G #66 Graciano flash


Net weight: 3.5 g | 0.12 oz.

Price: £29.50 | $49.50


Have you ever tried any Guerlain lipstick? What do you think about them?

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