François Demachy, composer of olfactory creations, delved into Riccardo Tisci’s imagination, and his family history as well, to achieve this fantasised fragrance. Growing up with nine women left a strong impression on him. He remembered the smell of his mother and sisters’ make-up, which had a distinctive powdery and rosy scent. Also, an obvious inspiration for the perfume was heroine of the novel ‘The Black Dahlia’ by James Ellroy.

Dahlia Noir embodies a mysterious and atypical woman. It emphasizes the union of opposite forces – dark softness, fatal tenderness, strength and fragility of the woman who wears it.

Dahlia Noir smells like a black rose which is an imaginary flower – a scentless flower garbed in dark colors. This is a couture fragrance whose extreme sensuality arises from imagination and which returns Givenchy to supreme luxury. Dahlia Noir is the quintessence of the Givenchy style.

Givenchy Dahlia Noir

I tried eau de perfume and eau de toilette and what I immediately noticed is that they are very different. Not only that EDT is less intense, but it is immediately noticeable that those are different scents.


The fragrance of a Femme Fatale [eau de parfum]

The perfume is intense, mystical, seduces with powdery cloud. It is interesting that while in the bottle seems somewhat unisex, but on the skin becomes very feminine. It definitely calls out to be touched, to become one with the skin.

Powdery softness of a bouquet of roses, iris and mimosa is enriched with woody facets of sandalwood and patchouli, blended with tonka bean.

Its powdery notes evoke traditional vision of femininity. Mystical dimension comes from sandalwood. This sacred substance used in offerings and rituals provides a fleshy density and enveloping warmth.

Givenchy Dahlia Noir



A Femme Fatale in full bloom [eau de toilette]

Eau de toilette is brighter, lighter, more open. But this is a Noir fragrance, so it’s still intriguing and mysterious.

Refreshing notes of mandarin and lemon are softened with peach. The elegance of unforgettable sensual rose interlaced with woody accents and combined with the bursting spirit of spicy pink pepper. To its voluptuousness and sensuality contribute amber, vanilla and sandalwood.

Givenchy Dahlia Noir


Eau de toilette is a lighter, suitable for wearing during the day, while the perfume is more complex and therefore more suitable for evenings and special occasions.

Adding to the mystery, the bottles never completely reveals its identity. Like a secret inscription, the name Dahlia Noir is discovered only underneath the cap, engraved on a silvery metal plaque.

PR samples

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