Frownies products are made from 100% natural ingredients. Their proprietary ingredient blend includes aloe, oats, cactus collagen, bear berries, lavender and rose essential oils combined with antioxidant vitamins, and plant-based ingredients.

Frownies original wrinkle remover patches were worn by many Hollywood stars. Some of them are: Renee Russo, Raquel Welch, Gloria Swanson and Oliva D’Havaland.

On the picture you can see Face Lift In a Bag which is a complete skin care beauty program. Here is also 60 ml Immune Shield skin serum (in the bag is a 2 ml sample of it).

Frownies - Face Lift In a Bag & Immune Shield

Face Lift In a Bag

Frownies - Face Lift In a Bag

pH Balancing Complexion Wash

For achieving younger looking skin, the first step is cleaning. PH Balancing Complexion Wash removes make-up and daily environmental build up on the skin. A small amount of the product with water should be applied to the entire face (even around the eyes), neck and chest area.

Frownies - pH Balancing Complexion Wash

Rose Water Hydrator Spray

Rose Water Hydrator Spray reduces pore size and plump fine lines and wrinkles. Also, prevents other skin problems. It should be used to prepare skin for other treatment products, but also can be used throughout the day to refresh the face and neck.

Frownies - Rose Water Hydrator Spray

Immune Perféct Moisturizer

The next step is Immune Perféct Moisturizer which should be applied to entire face, including around the eyes area, neck and chest area. This excellent moisturizing cream nourishes the skin and reduces wrinkles. While applying, it is recommended to gently massage expression lines and wrinkles to stimulate circulation and relax muscles.

Frownies - Immune Perféct Moisturizer

Gel Eye Patches

Gel Eye Patches help build under eye collagen, lighten dark circles and reduce puffiness under the eyes. It can be put on eyelids and on the expression lines around the mouth.

The best results you can expect to see if you use them in combination with Immune Shield.

Frownies - Gel Eye Patches

Immune Shield

Immune Shield hydrates lips, reduces fine lines around the lips and eyes, helps with various face and body skin problems (acne, scars, stretch marks …), it’s great as an after sun treatment. Immune shield is 40% whole vitamin E serum from organic whole oats, which helps with various skin problems.

Frownies - Immune Shield 60 ml

Frownies - Immune Shield 2 ml

Forehead and Between Eyes Facial Patches & Corner of Eyes and Mouth Patches

These patches should be moisturized with Rose Water Hydrator Spray and then put on the wrinkles on the forehead and between the eyes. The same goes to the Corner of Eyes and Mouth Patches which should be placed on the corner of the eyes and on the expression lines around the lips. They should be worn at least 3 hours, but the best results can be achieved by wearing them overnight. Each box contains 144 patches.

Wrinkle creams alone cannot help deep lines. With these patches lines can be reversed at night while you sleep. Frownies are applied directly over the wrinkles. First you should smooth out the skin with fingers and then apply the patch on that area.

Also, you can stop the lines become deep by wearing Frownies patches a few nights a month.

Frownies - Forehead and Between Eyes Facial Patches

Frownies - Corner of Eyes and Mouth Patches

The patches have to be removed using warm water. Next step is cleaning the face with the pH Balancing Complexion Wash and then applying moisturizer Immune Perféct. Immune Shield also can be applied to problem areas.

I was amazed with every single product! PH Balancing Complexion Wash does not dry out the skin, as many face soaps do, Immune Perféct Moisturizer is a fantastic moisturizer, and Immune Shield is vitamin E oil which helps with any skin problems. Rose Water Hydrator Spray is a great helper in summer days; it refreshes but also rejuvenates because it contains hyaluronic acid. Also, it’s needed for activation of the patches. The patches remove forehead and between the eyes wrinkles, as well as those on the corner of the eyes and the expression lines around the lips. Gel Eye Patches refreshes the eye area.

The skin should be treated 30 days in a row, but that depends on the degree of damage of your skin. Fine lines and wrinkles will disappear with time and some even overnight!

I don’t have big skin problems so I saw immediate improvement. After just one treatment my skin looked fresher, tighter and brighter.

To reduce wrinkles or to remove them forever, you must be persistent and regularly treat your face. You will see the first results very soon. :)

Retail value of Face Lift In a Bag is $215.00, but it’s reduced to $128.50. Immune Shield skin serum costs $32.00.

You can order Frownies here >>>

Rating: 5/5



The products were sent to me from the Frownies PR department.

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