Fav 2011 Products – Makeup


3 products I can’t live without:

Missha – Perfect Cover BB cream #23
I use this cream as a foundation and I’m really pleased with endurance of application and with the skin appearance.
BB creams are two-in-one products. They are both makeup and skin care products, but I use this one only as a decoration. I’ll write more about that in my next post when you can expect a review of this cream.


theBalm – Hot Mama! (review)
Absolutely amazing blush! Golden peach color gives a beautiful glow to the face and the texture is super-fine. When I wear this color in combination with porcelain Missha, I always get many compliments and questions about the used products. :)


theBalm – Sexy Mama (review)
Sexy Mama is a translucent anti-shine powder. Since some of the foundations are too oily for me, I use this powder to soak up the oil. Also, it’s great for setting up the makeup. It does a great job, so my makeup always looks fresh. Only a small amount of powder is needed to do its job, so this 7.08 g (0.25 oz.) will last for a looong time. :)


In the 2011 I had many statement red moments, so I’ll point out some of my fave red products.


CLARINS – Rouge Prodige in Red Prodige (review)
Beautiful color, perfect creamy texture, irresistible blueberry scent, long-lasting application, nice packaging … It’s amazing!


OPI – Bogota Blackberry nail polish
This is a dark red shade that looks great on nails. It gives a great coverage, so only one or two layers are needed. Also, the application stays on the nails for days!


Elizabeth Arden  – Smooth Line Lip Pencil in Crimson
This is a dark red color lip liner, it’s neither too dry nor too oily, it’s long-lasting, has a great, very precise and soft brush.
I’ll review it in one of the following posts.


Other amazing products:


Lancôme – Le Crayon Khol in Noir
My favorite eyeliner. As I already wrote in one of the previous posts, you can always find this liner in my cosmetic bag, because I regularly buy a new one. This high quality eye pencil is a very large one, so it lasts for a long time.


Sigma Beauty – Hollywood Glamour Flat Top Retractable Kabuki/Miss Taylor (review)
I really love this brush! I always apply liquid foundation with it, because it provides a perfect application. It is very small so it’s suitable for carrying in a bag and for traveling. F80 is a bigger version of it, but I use Miss Taylor more frequently.
In one of the next posts I will make a comparison of two of them.


essence – gel eyeliner in Berlin Rocks (review)
Berlin Rocks is a beautiful shade of purple, which is also inexpensive and extremely durable. As I already mentioned, it fixes on the eyelids like a tattoo. That’s very important to me, because I don’t like to reapply the makeup when I once put it. Also, it is weatherproof, which I tested in the seawater. :D It didn’t move! Amazing!


e.l.f. – Signature Case
This is my favourite makeup case, because it’s big enough and it has the pocket for brushes. It’s really practical.
In one of my future posts, I’ll show you a few pics of this case.


What were your fav 2011 makeup products?

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