Essence gel eyeliner comes in four colors – green, purple, brown and black. I’ve tried 03 Berlin Rocks. That is a beautiful, shimmery shade of purple. It is ultra long-lasting. It stays unchanged on the eyelids whole day, fixed like a tattoo. :) It is waterproof, so there’s no fear of smudging. The texture is creamy, slightly thinner than the other gel eyeliners I’ve tried so far. Even so, it adheres great on the eyelids and provides a uniform spread. The good side of such density is that it will not dry up, which is a common problem with gel eyeliners.

It doesn’t come with an applicator, but the ‘gel eyeliner brush’ can be purchased separately for the 13.90 kn/$2.62 (I have not tried it, so the brush is not included in this review).

Long-lasting effect, in combination with affordable price, makes this gel eyeliner an excellent product.

Price: 26.90 kn (approx. $5.07)

Rating: 5/5

essence – gel eyeliner

essence – gel eyeliner

essence – gel eyeliner

essence – gel eyeliner

Do you use gel eyeliners? Have you tried this one?

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