As promised, I’m showing you the look I created with Beauties Factory UK eyeliner brushes from the Pure Black – Makeup Brushes x 31 pcs set. I created this the first time I tried these brushes. Actually, I wasn’t even trying to achieve any specific look; I was just trying them out. That’s the reason why I used 4 brushes, but you can create this with only 1 brush.

All eyeliner brushes from the kit are really great!



Beauties Factory UK – Eyeliner Brushes



Eyeliner I used is Oriflame Giordani Gold Gel Eyeliner in Soft Black. I think this is a limited edition product, so you can find it only on some special offers. Its regular price is $16.62/£10.36, but I bought it for $1.87/ £1.16! :) It has great formula, it’s easy to apply and it’s long-lasting. If you can find it on some sale – buy it!

Oriflame Giordani Gold Gel Eyeliner - Soft Black

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