This post was previously published here, on July 11, 2010.

Sassy is a beautiful, very shiny color, well pigmented, long-lasting. I wore it with and without eyeshadow primer and it stayed on for hours in both cases. It costs £3 ($3 in USA).

Little minus goes to the packaging, because jar opening can result with leakage of powder. Too much powder goes through the shifter, and it hardly goes back. Then all together looks sloppy and that’s a bit annoying. But with a little more attention that can be overcome, so that doesn’t affect to the overall impression of this excellent product.

Like all other e.l.f.’s mineral cosmetics, this eyeshadow also doesn’t contain parabens, preservatives or chemical colors.

Rating: 5/5

e.l.f. mineral eyeshadow – Sassy
e.l.f. mineral eyeshadow – Sassy
e.l.f. mineral eyeshadow – Sassy

Do you use mineral eyeshadows? What shades of (mineral) eyeshadows do you prefer?

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