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Blush that gives a beautiful natural color to the face. Fully lifts entire make-up giving a healthy look. Even if you get carried away with the application, you will hardly achieve clowny look. And this is what I especially like because I’m not a big fan of blushes, especially of excessively rosy cheeks.

Packaging looks the same as packaging of bareMinerals products, so their comparison is inevitable. BareMinerals blushes cost around £10 more and you get less powder – only 0.85 g (0.03 oz) in contrast to e.l.f.’s 3.4 g  (0.12 oz) for £3.50 (it costs $5 in USA). I don’t know if bareMinerals’s blushes are better but they are hardly profitable. It’s not easy to beat an excellent and inexpensive product.

Rating: 5/5

e.l.f. mineral blush – Joy

e.l.f. mineral blush – Joy

e.l.f. mineral blush – Joy

Do you use mineral blushes? What is your favorite (mineral) blush?

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