This post was previously published here, on September 08th, 2010.

I noticed that a large number of visitors, who come to this blog, look for e.l.f.’s discounts, so I dedicate this post to them. :)


1. Follow their Facebook page. For every 1.000th fan, e.l.f. offer certain discounts or gifts. Until recently, it was free shipping, and now they have other benefits.

These are next:
64.000 ‘like’ – Free Studio Eye Liner Primer & Sealer with every order (worth £3.50)
65.000 ‘like’ – Free Shipping
66.000 ‘like’ – All Studio Products £ 3.00/€ 3.50 (available on £3.50/€4.00 items, £0.50/€0.50 off all other Studio products)
67.000 ‘like’ – £1/€1.50 shipping
68.000 ‘like’ – 20% off Mineral
69.000 ‘like’ – Free Shipping
70.000 ‘like’ – 30% off all products in the ‘Nails’ Category

You have to spend at least £10/€12.

They now have 64.015 fans, which means that you can get eye primer with order, ie Studio Eye Liner Primer & Sealer. When placing your order, type the following code: PRIMEEU. Offer expires tomorrow at 4 pm.

2. If you leave a comment on e.l.f.’s blog, you’ll automatically receive discount code worth £1.50 in your inbox. You can use it within a month.

3. E.l.f. periodically send codes for discounts in newsletters.

You can use only one code per order.

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