Plumping Paste

Plumping Paste comes in a lovely cardboard box, like I believe all DuWop’s lip plumping products come. The design of the tube and the box is very pretty and the scent is amazing! It has cinnamon bubble gum scent, which I really love. Since this is a plumper, it gives a tingling sensation.

It is used by massaging the paste into the lips. The product has to be left on for 5-10 minutes, and then wiped off with damp cloth.

DuWop claims that this treatment masque conditions, exfoliates and plumps the lips. It does a good job as an exfoliator, but fails as a plumper. It plums the lips a little bit, but soon as you remove the paste from your lips, the plumping effect is gone…

So, if you need an exfoliator go for it, but don’t bother with this product if you want fuller lips.

Price: $18.00

Net Weight: 10.5 ml (0.35 fl. oz.)

DuWop Plumping Paste

DuWop Plumping Paste

Lip Venom

As a GWP I’ve got sample sized Lip Venom. This 1.5 ml product (0.05 fl. oz.) you can buy as a part of the Mini Venom Trio for $19.00 or you can buy the normal 3.5 ml (0.12 fl. oz. ) sized product for $16.00. The one that I got is DuWop Venom Flash Silver.

Like the Plumping Paste, this product has amazing cinnamon bubble gum scent and it gives a tingling sensation, too. This is a clear lip gloss which gives a smooth appearance. It feels great on the lips, because it’s not sticky at all.

This is a plumping product so it plumps the lips a bit, but it doesn’t do anything sensational. The plumping effect ends too fast (you can count it in minutes), so if you want that it lasts you have to reapply it again, and again, and again… Not worth the money.

DuWop Lip Venom


Have you tried any of DuWop’s products? Have you ever tried any lip plumping product? What do you think about them?

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