A few months ago; this spring to be exact, I bought lipstick which I would wear in colder days. Dark red and dark purple shades are a huge trend this fall, so the Plum shade is a current must-have. This plum is a reddish one.

Lipstick is housed in a luxurious gold packaging. It has intense rose scent and its texture is divinely creamy. Feels very pleasant on the lips and it doesn’t dry them out. It is highly pigmented, so one layer will give you a full coverage. The formula is long-lasting, which means that after application it can be worn for hours.

This lipstick satisfies with all its characteristics – with its texture, durability, pigmentation… I’m amazed with the high quality of this lipstick and I’m sure I’ll buy some other shades. :x

Dolce&Gabbana lipstick - #110 Plum

Dolce&Gabbana lipstick - #110 Plum

Dolce&Gabbana lipstick - #110 Plum

Dolce&Gabbana lipstick - #110 Plum

 Dolce&Gabbana lipstick - #110 Plumwith flash

Dolce&Gabbana lipstick - #110 Plumno flash


Net weight: 3.5 g | 0.12 oz.

Price: €29.00 | $30.00 | £23.00

Are you following the dark red/purple trend?

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