This post was previously published here, on May 29, 2010.

I got this mascara as a free gift when buying Clinique products. This is a promotional item that contains 4 g, which is two times smaller than the regular size.

I did not like it because its brush is terrible. It is so bad that you can’t shape the eyelashes. I didn’t see for a long time a bad brush like this one. Since I’ve got two mascaras, I gave one to a friend and she had the same observations. The regulars size mascara costs $14.50. I don’t know its price in Croatia, but I believe that is around $32.00. With a lot less expensive mascaras you can get a great look without too much effort. Its pros are intense black color and optimum density.

The product should serve for promotional purposes, but after testing, I would not buy this mascara. The brush is really the worst I’ve recently tried, and the short handle didn’t help to my overall impression.

Rating: 2/5

Clinique High Impact mascara

Clinique High Impact mascara

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