Houston’s Favourite gel eyeliner

The pot contains only 2.2 g (0.07 oz.) of product. That wouldn’t be so bad for a good quality gel eyeliner, but this one isn’t. It lacks of pigmentation; you have to build the line many times so you can get a nice, full line. When applied, it doesn’t look like a gel liner; it seems like you applied pencil liner which bothers me the most. It doesn’t provide that full, uniform look, as other gel liners do. Houston’s Favourite has medium lasting power, and the color is beautiful in the pot, but doesn’t look very nice in combination with brown eyes.

Price: 30.90 HRK (approx. $5.62)


Back To Pandora eyeshadow

This eyeshadow totally lacks of pigmentation and you have to be careful when applying, because it can easily make a mess below your eyes. The good thing is that you can get the color as the one in the pot when you apply it with wet brush or/and on the primer. Then you’ll see all the beauty of it, but because of this, Back To Pandora is not easy to apply.

Price: 26.90 HRK (approx. $4.90)


Both products are part of the limited collection called Out Of Space.


Catrice - Houston's Favourite & Back To Pandora

Catrice - Houston's Favourite & Back To Pandora

Catrice - Houston's Favourite & Back To Pandora

Catrice - Back To PandoraBack To Pandora – dry & wet

Catrice - Houston's FavouriteHouston’s Favourite


How do you like these products? Have you bought something from Out Of Space collection?

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