I have received several Catrice and essence new products. In this post, I bring you short reviews of some of them. I used the same products for the creation of today’s look.


Catrice Nude Illusion Foundation 020 Rose Vanilla
This foundation provides radiant look, while has a velvety finish. An interesting combination, because the face is illuminated, but the finish is matte. The texture is creamy, slightly foamy and it’s very lightweight. Provides light to medium coverage. The formula is not lasting enough and soaks into pores, so it makes them more visible.


essence Lash Princess mascara
Excellent mascara that won me with its long-lasting formula. Does not crumble at all and looks the same after several hours of wear. I like the brush, because it separates the lashes. Provides solid curling and visually lengthens lashes. Mascara which I like to use for daily make-up.


essence effect eyeshadow 06 UK’s Stonehenge
Very beautiful, shiny, creamy eyeshadow. The formula has good lasting properties and it’s easy to apply.


essence liquid ink high shine eyeliner
As its name suggests, this is a eyeliner with high shine finish. It has a very precise applicator that provides easy application.


essence soo blush! 10 sweet as peach
This blush is the one that I would probably skip in drugstore because it’s creamy, as I usually use powder ones, and it’s housed in unattractive packaging. But the shade is beautiful! Its creamy texture provides a natural look, but because of the texture easily fades from the face. Nevertheless, it’s worth buying because it is really beautiful. Such a soft shade, that refreshes the appearance of the entire face.


Catrice Beautifying Lip Smoother 010 Sweet Caramel
It looks so nice and it has pleasant, sweet taste. Lip balm that beautifies lips like lip gloss and that won me completely, so I will certainly buy it often.


Catrice & essence new in

Catrice & essence new in

Catrice & essence new in

Catrice & essence new inCatrice Nude Illusion Foundation 020, essence soo blush! 10, essence effect eyeshadow 06, essence liquid ink high shine eyeliner & Catrice Beautifying Lip Smoother 010

Catrice & essence new in - look



PR samples

What Catrice and essence products do you like to use? Have you tried any of these products?

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