lipstick in naughty

I love, love, love this lippie! This is one of the best lipsticks on the market in the price range.



  • beautiful, statement red shade
  • pleasant minty scent
  • moist formula
  • lasts for hours on the lips
  • low price – only £3.49 (approx. $5.54)


Highly recommended product! :)


beautyUK lipstick

beautyUK lipstickThis summer was way too hot…
No wonder this lippie is a lil’ sweaty… :D

beautyUK lipstick



pearl eyeliner in oceania


  • amazing color
  • stays whole day on the eyelids
  • beautiful bottle design
  • low price – only £3.49 (approx. $5.54)



  • the line can’t be drawn easily

You have to build the line a few times to get the full one, but also have to wait between applications until the product dries. A different applicator would probably do a better job.


Because of the gorgeous color and amazing staying power, I think this eyeliner is worth trying. Check on beautyuk’s website other 7 amazing pearl eyeliner shades.


beautyUK pearl eyeliner

beautyUK pearl eyeliner

beautyUK pearl eyeliner

beautyUK pearl eyeliner

Upper lash line: beautyuk pearl eyeliner in oceania
Lower lash line: Beauties Factory UK 120 eyeshadow palette


Beautyuk ship worldwide. You can order their products through the website:


All mentioned products are PR samples.

How do you like the colors? Have you ever tried beautyuk products? 

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