Aussie products became available in Croatia recently and P&G sent me a couple of them for a review. I tried shampoo, conditioner and treatment from Miracle Moist line.

Aussie Miracle Moist


Here’s what Aussie claims about this line:

Miracle Moist is a collection for dry and damaged hair. Contains Australian macadamia nut oil.

Shampoo penetrates into dry and damaged hair structure and helps nurture it and smooth it.

Conditioner also penetrates into dry and damaged hair structure with its amazing formula, so hair becomes soft, smooth and nourished.

And then there is… 3 Minute Miracle.
3 Minute Miracle Reconstructor is the best selling Aussie’s product. Has a unique formula with Australian balm mint extract that smoothes and nourishes hair inside and out. This is a good fairy for the hair that works in just 3 minutes.

Aussie team is so impressed with this product that it calls it – ‘the miracle with the large M’.


Here are my impressions…

For starters, I have to mention in what condition is my hair: it’s long and thick, not damaged, but needs stronger care because it is bleached and dyed and therefore dry lengthwise.

All these products have a nice and expressive scent; I would say that the products smell like chewing gums.

I really liked the shampoo. It is very creamy, very foamy and cleanse the hair deeply. Somewhat acts like a mild conditioner, because it does not dry out the hair, like some other shampoos do.

The conditioner did not impress me. It was not effective enough on my bleached hair. At first touch, the hair was a bit softer, but after the towel drying brushing was difficult, because the hair was not sufficiently hydrated.

3 Minute Miracle Reconstructor have to be applied to a clean, wet hair and left on for 1 – 3 minutes, depending on needs. I used it in various ways, but mostly I put considerable amount for full 3 minutes. I noticed that is more effective than conditioner, but unfortunately it didn’t work like a miracle on my hair. The general appearance of the hair was good, it added some shine to my hair, but it didn’t provide enough softness. In my case, acted like an average drugstore treatment.

By all seen, I conclude that this line may be good for dry hair, but it can not give its best on hair that is bleached (+ dyed).


Net weight and price:

  • shampoo – 300 ml, £4.48 | 13.5 fl. oz., $3.99
  • conditioner – 250 ml, £4.48 | 13.5 fl. oz., $3.99
  • treatment – 250 ml, £ 4.99 | 8 fl. oz., $4.29

Ingredients: shampoo, conditioner & 3 Minute Miracle Reconstructor


P&G  sent me these products for review purposes.

Have you heard of Aussie? Did you try some of their products? 

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