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Vodeći svjetski brand luksuzne njege za kosu, Kérastase Paris, prošli tjedan je u ekskluzivnom prostoru Moderne galerije predstavio prvu styling kolekciju proizvoda – Couture Styling. U riznicu hrvatskih umjetničkih djela idealno se uklopio jedan sasvim poseban oblik umjetnosti – savršeno stilizirana kosa, postignuta novim styling proizvodima koje je u punom sjaju prezentirao Kérastase styling team.

Kvaliteta svojstvena svim Kérastase proizvodima u novoj je liniji dovedena do savršenstva, jer pruža neviđene visine vrtoglavog volumena, savršenu zaglađenost i trajnost frizure.


Couture Styling kolekcija:

Forme Fatale
Krema za zaglađivanje i zaštitu kose prije feniranja.
Cijena: 205 kn (125 ml)

Lift Vertige
Gel za postizanje volumena od korijena.
Cijena: 190 kn (75 ml)

Mousse Bouffante
Glamurozna volumizirajuća pjena za volumen od korijena do vrhova.
Cijena: 175 kn (150 ml)

Powder Bluff
Šampon za suho pranje kose/sprej za volumen.
Cijena: 205 kn (200 ml)

Laque Couture
Fiksirajući lak za sjajni i zaglađeni finalni izgled.
Cijena: 175 kn (300 ml)

Sprey a porter
Sprej za postizanje sexy “morskog” efekta.
Cijena: 205 kn (150 ml)


Kérastase Couture Styling event

Kérastase Couture Styling event

Kérastase Couture Styling event

Kérastase Couture Styling event

Kérastase Couture Styling event

Kérastase Couture Styling event

Kérastase Couture Styling event


Lijepo je bilo biti dijelom ovog posebnog eventa. :x




  74 komentara to “Kérastase Couture Styling event”

  1. baš me zanima pjena i ovaj sprej za morski izgled :D

  2. Predivan event :)

    Mogu samo zamisliti kakav je doživljaj bio.


  3. Neuobičajen event i drago mi je da smo se vidile! :)

  4. nice event :)
    I want to try the shine polishing serum <3

  5. I love hair products! would love to give them a try :D

  6. the event look awesome! so many people with gorgeous hair!

  7. what a cool event! Not sure what I’d like to try – everything sounds great!

  8. I’ve never used Kerastase products – I stick to Macadamia Oil, Davines and I.C.O.N. What would you recommend I try from them?

  9. I’ve used some of their products and results were pretty awesome :) Thanks for sharing xxxx

  10. This looks like such a fun event that you had the opportunity to take part in. I have never used Kerastase products. Do you know if they are available in the U.S.?

  11. This made me wanna try their serum!

  12. really admire those with perfect hair do. my hair is always a mess n i just don’t know how to fix it.

  13. Wow. I would love to try that mousse bouffante and touch finale. I hope it will tame my curly hair

  14. Kerastase is the best haircare brand out there! I’ve tried their new scalp elixir, and it was amazing! my new hair growth is so healthy :D

  15. I wish I could be at that event!

  16. I wear Kerastase and I love their products.
    Would definitely love to try this new collection!.

  17. The aqua mousse designed curls!!! Have always wanted long lasting curls, wondering if they really do work!

  18. I tried a few Keratase products from my salon. Their conditioner makes my hair so nice!

  19. What an AMAZING event! I’m a huuuge fan of Kerastase, so jealous that you got to see this. What fun! <3

  20. I’ve never tried this brand. From the looks of the pictures, the products are great!

  21. Im so jealous! This looks like a fantastic event! Love the pics :)


  22. there is no doubt that Kerastase is a luxurious brand that actually delivers. I only ever tried their shampoo and conditioner so far…but I have always wanted to try their styling products. Will last longer too compare to buy their shampoo and conditioner. On the sidenote, did you notice the stylists in the pictures have great hair too…?? ahahahahaha

  23. Kerastase hair shampoo is awesome!! I love their elixir ultime.

  24. Haven’t heard of this collection yet but I’d love to try the products out, especially Touche finale!

  25. This surely looks like a great event where Hair dressing is been done in front of the audience and not in the GreenRoom..

    Anyway .. to answer your question – No, I haven’t heard of the Products.. But surely would love to try the Spray a Porter! :)

  26. I haven’t heard of this collection before I read this blog but they sound good! I want the shine serums because my hair is damaged after undergoing a lot of treatments so it needs a little boost of shine :)

  27. The event looks awesome! I want to try that top coat spray..!

  28. The event looks amazing xx

  29. What a great event to go to! I’ll have to keep an eye out for this collection. I see a couple of products that I would like to try.

  30. Definitivno jedan od ljepših evenata ;).

  31. wow, this would be my type of event

  32. so, do you think these products really work? They sound amazing and I’m thinking about trying it.
    Participating in beauty and fashion events is always a great thing!

  33. Wow. How gorgeous all these women are! :D

  34. girl, you always attend such great events :D

  35. i think it was great event :D wouuld like to try their products

  36. love bombshell hair!! it looks pretty amazing! kerastase has great lines!
    Dee Trillo

  37. I always wanted to try kerastase but its to expensive here

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