Jan 112015

In this post, I will show you two cheap, but excellent products. Specifically, one is as described, while other looks utterly beautiful, but it needs a lil trick to become amazing.

Liquid ink high shine eyeliner was sent to me by essence, while I bought Catrice Feathered Fall Peacocktail eyeliner a few months ago.

Eyeliners: essence liquid ink high shine & Catrice Feathered Fall Peacocktail

Eyeliners: essence liquid ink high shine & Catrice Feathered Fall Peacocktailessence liquid ink high shine & Catrice Feathered Fall Peacocktail


I have already showed you essence liquid ink high shine eyeliner in this post, but now you can take a better look at it. I like it so much that it deserves a special post. :) So, it has excellent pigmentation, precise applicator that is easy to work with, it’s long-lasting and, as its name suggests, it has a high shine finish. It’s inexpensive and great!


Catrice Feathered Fall Eyeliner in Peacocktail is such a beautiful color. It’s hard to catch its beauty with a camera, because it changes colors and shines just like peacock feathers. You can’t get a pretty line, because it’s not pigmented enough. A couple of more layers increases visibility, but I use it in another way. I apply it on a black base and then becomes noticeable. For this look, I applied it on essence liquid ink high shine eyeliner. You can see the result in the pictures. This is a limited edition eyeliner which is a part of the fall collection, so it’s probably no longer available, but I still wanted to show it to you because it looks amazing. Also, I wanted to show you the trick how to get the most of this type of product.

Eyeliners: essence liquid ink high shine & Catrice Feathered Fall Peacocktailessence liquid ink high shine & Catrice Feathered Fall Peacocktail


Other products that I used for the looks:

  • eyebrows – Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade Blonde
  • eyelashes – Eylure N° 035 Lengthening
  • eyeshadows – MAC Pro Longwear Paint Pot Soft Ochre and PUPA Milano Vamp! 601 Lilac Grey
  • lower eyelid – Look by Bipa kajal 3 bronze gold


What are your experiences with essence and Catrice eyeliners? Have you tried these?



  30 Responses to “Eyeliners: essence liquid ink high shine & Catrice Feathered Fall Peacocktail”

  1. u have beautiful eyes dear…i never tried these brands!

  2. the peacocktail looks so beautiful! i want to get my hands on both eyeliners now

  3. This eyeliner is fab! The way it catches the light as well is awesome! x

  4. I really like the effect you can achieve using this limited edition peacocktail liner… such a shame you can’t buy it no more

  5. The colour sure is unique!! Perfect for a pop of colour for the eye make up =)

  6. omg, the catrice one is absolutely gorgeous! but i do not use eyeliner at all, so will probably never get to try them out.

  7. Loving the Metallic colours on your eyes!! I don’t think we have this brand here, would have loved to try it otherwise :)

  8. I have not been trying any liquid eyeliner till now. I am currently using gel eyeliner. But this definitely makes me want to have a try. =D

  9. The eyeliner looks so damn pretty on your eyes and the photographs are gorgeous, too. Who clicked them?

  10. Those eyeliners looks fantastic!

  11. This product is really awesome!~ I wanna try it too!

  12. This eye liner looks very good and you did amazing swatches :)

  13. We only recently started getting essence in the UK so I was very intrigued to see your review and you did not disappoint. I tend to prefer a matte black eyeliner but this looks worth a try regardless. And the Catrice the swatch didn’t look took pigmented but on your eye you really made it look amazing, I love it! Great post!

  14. I love love love essence. I think it’s such a promising brand. I love their nail polishes the most. :)

  15. I love liquid eyeliner and have since i first started wearing makeup, both of them look great on you!
    xoxo Francy

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