Sep 302015

Esqido Unforgettable are beautiful, handcrafted, false eyelashes. They are made of mink fur. The fur is collected from the natural shedding cycles of the mink animal, which are then sterilized. Although there are so many excellent synthetic eyelashes on the market, mink eyelashes can thank their popularity to the exceptionally fine hair. Esqido eyelashes are really excellent. They are lightweight and ultra soft and they act like natural lashes.

Unforgettable model gives a slight volume to the natural lashes and extends them. Although the volume is visible, it is subtle, and the lashes look natural.

They come in a nice white box with instructions for maintenance. With proper use, it is stated that they can be worn up to 25 times. Adhesive is not included, so it needs to be purchased separately.

I love to wear Esqido Unforgettable lashes, because of their exceptional softness and natural look.

They cost $32 (approx. £21), and can be purchased at

Esqido Unforgettable mink lashes

Esqido Unforgettable mink lashes

Esqido Unforgettable mink lashes

Esqido Unforgettable mink lashes

Esqido Unforgettable mink lashes

Esqido Unforgettable mink lashes


Have you ever heard of Esqido? Do you like to wear false eyelashes?


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  24 Responses to “Esqido Unforgettable mink lashes”

  1. I keep seeing this brand on Instagram with their beautiful false lashes and it’s amazing to get to see them up close. They look absolutely beautiful and your eye makeup is on point!

  2. It might intrigue you but I have never ever used fake eyelashes. They look so amazing on you.

  3. I couldn’t have guessed that these were false lashes. They look soo better than the other false lashes in the market. I’ll surely try this one out soon.

  4. WOW !!!! They are absolutely beautiful and eye-catching <3 With your flawless eye makeup, they are on fleek. I have to check them out NOW .x

  5. They really look so natural! I hear so many good things about them as well x

  6. I not good at wearing falsies. But I must say the quality of this lashes looks promising. Might give them a try.

  7. I’ve never heard of the brand before but I do love these lashes. I normally go for a thicker, not natural lash but these are perfect for everyday wear.

  8. There is never anything that isn’t available to make you feel how you want to. I love these false lashes and would love to try them to look so exquisite.

  9. I always wanna have bunch of lashes. This one is so beautiful.

  10. these lashes is so pretty…quality lashes is really important!love this one!

  11. Those lashes look great on you, so natural and pretty.

  12. I have always been scared of fake lashes. I thought they look make me look unnecessarily dramatic. But, these lashes look so natural. They don’t even look like they are fake. Lovely post!

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