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About the product (what the brand claims)

Introducing The 30 Second Beauty Rescue “Intensive Flash Peel” Dahliana’s amazing natural alternative to chemical peels! This creamy product contains some organic ingredients and it is full of coconut, spirulina, peppermint and vanilla. It is intensive, anti-aging skincare treatment that takes an unique approach towards achieving extraordinary results. Dahliana Naturals “Intensive Flash Peel” is a powerful treatment that can accelerate the results of your daily skincare ritual in seconds whilst tightening pores, lightening dark spots, deeply exfoliating, deeply hydrating and boosting collagen. Dahliana’s 30 Second Beauty Rescue refines the skin texture and provides younger looking skin. The best natural anti-aging peel.


Directions to use

Apply a dime sized amount to clean, damp skin. Dab product onto face with fingertips and massage into skin in small circles until evenly covered. Leave on for 30 seconds up to 1 minute for non sensitive skin. Wash thoroughly with cool water. Use at night. Skin may turn pink which is part of the results due to deep exfoliation created. May be used once a week. For more sensitive skin may be used once a month.


[My opinion]

So, this natural peel is an alternative to chemical peels. It has great ingredients and it provides great results. It is made of natural ingredients, and some of them are organic.

It comes in an interesting packaging. The white surface should be pressed, and then the peel comes out from the center, as you can see in the picture. It has a nice light green color and a beautiful scent, like peppermint gum or candy.

Since my skin is not sensitive, I’ve used it once a week. Like it is stated, skin may turn pink. My skin did turn pink, but just once and just on forehead. After 20 minutes returned back to normal. I’ve always used it before bed time, so I can wake up with bright skin and because of possible irritations.

I love how fast and efficient this product is. After treating the skin with it, the skin becomes soft, smooth and fresh.

This is a very good product, with excellent ingredients, that provides immediate results. It’s a really great thing that, when using this product, it takes only 1 minute per week to have glowing skin. :)

Dahliana Naturals 30 Second Beauty Rescue

Dahliana Naturals 30 Second Beauty Rescue


Net weight: 1 oz. | 28 g
Price: $68 | approx. £44


PR sample

Have you heard of Dahliana Naturals? Do you use such products?



Mar 012012

February 2012 Favs


Garnier – Color Naturals permanent hair color # 111

I bought this hair color primarily because of the anti orange effect and it really works – there are no orange tones after application. The color I bought is #111 (natural ash blonde shade). Formula with 3 oils – olive, avocado and shea butter affects on the suppleness and softness of hair. Also, it is very gentle, which means there is no unpleasant scalp burning.

It’s really affordable. Costs around 25 HRK (approx. $4.36), although its amount is in accordance with the price. I have to use a few pieces for all my hair, but I am not complaining because I am extremely pleased with its performance. :)

You can use it alone, to dye your complete hair, or for the color refreshment or simply as a treatment for removing unwanted yellow/orange tones.


Lierac – High Peel
Concentrate treatment that provides intensive skin renewal. Contains 10% hydroxyl acids and 5% urea. I have been using it for 3 weeks and I am very pleased with its performance. It deeply peels the skin and hydrates it as well. The result is radiant, smooth and even skin.
I will continue with the treatment for the whole March, and after that you can expect the review. :)


Lancome – L’Absolu Rouge # 151 Rouge Mythique
Beautiful red color, excellent texture, and also I managed to grab this lippie on sale. :D
I’ll review it and swatch it in one of the following posts.


L’Occitane – Honey Shea Butter Mini Balm
I love L’Occitane’s shea butter lip care products! I have already expressed my satisfaction with the Pure Shea Butter (http://beautyblogette.net/loccitane-mini-pure-shea-butter/), and this one has the same effect, but it’s a bit tastier. ;)


Oriflame – Coconut & Ricemilk Hair Mask
I was using this hair mask for a long time. I’ve just finished it, so it was about time to mention it. :D This is a very good product which has a gorgeous coconut scent and it provides a nice soft hair.


What were your February favs?



Jan 142012

I give great attention to skin care, so I will start 2011 overview with the best skin care products I used last year.


Fav 2011 products – skin care


Neutrogena – Oil-Free Acne Wash Pink Grapefruit Facial Cleanser (review)

At the beginning I used this product for a good morning, and lately for a good night. :) Apart from the scent, I am very pleased with the deep cleansing this product provides, and that’s exactly what I need after a whole day of wearing makeup. After removing makeup with some cleansing product, I love to do a final cleansing with this facial wash. It removes the excess makeup, as well as the skin imperfections.


Neutrogena – Oil-Free Acne Wash Pink Grapefruit Foaming Scrub (review)

Another product designed for a deep cleansing. Although I use Facial Wash the most, my favorite product from the whole ‘Pink Grapefruit’ line is this one. I do not use it every day because my face doesn’t need it, but I’m amazed with the microbeads which make this scrub suitable for everyday use. They thoroughly clean the face without damaging the skin. Scented and effective product. :)


Gia Skincare – Strawberry Skin Polish (review)

I love this scrub! Besides the fantastic strawberry scent, it provides soft and smooth skin. It’s not too aggressive, so it’s also suitable for lip exfoliation.


Gia Skincare – G’s Favorite (review)

Scented cleansing should be followed with scented hydration. :) This product smells like strawberries and I’m especially amazed with the skin softness which follows as soon as the cream is applied. No wonder this is Gia’s favorite product. ;)


Narhex – Moisturiser Type 2

The last but not the least. :) Actually, this is the most effective cream I’ve ever tried. We have already heard many promises about the effectiveness of cosmetic products, but only a few of them really works. This is one of them.

Just before I started using this cream, a few spots showed on my face and they looked like they don’t think to go off. Without any expectations, I started using this cream, and the dots were withdrawn after only one week! My complete skin was rejuvenated. The reason for the effectiveness lies in AHA acids, which are the main ingredients of this cream. This was the first time I used such product and, as you can see, I was really satisfied with it. :)

You can expect a detailed review of this cream in one of the future posts.


What were your fav 2011 skin care products?



Nov 042011

October 2011 Favs



Gia Skincare – Strawberry Skin Polish (review)

Last couple of months the number of my face cleansers and scrubs increased tremendously. :D

Last month the scrub I used the most was the Gia’s one. The strawberry scent is absolutely fantastic! Seriously, it is really strong and refreshing. After exfoliation the skin is super soft. Awesome product!


Shiseido – Foundation Brush

Amazing brush! It gives a flawless face. It’s great for applying foundation in hard to reach areas.

Review coming up soon!


Lancôme – Le Crayon Khol

I use this eye pencil for ages. I have many different eyeliners, but this is the only product that is always in my makeup bag. It has great formula – not too hard, not to soft, and it’s long lasting.

My preciousss… :D


e.l.f. – Signature Case

I love this case! It has two pockets and it’s really practical. What I love the most about it is that one pocket is created for caring makeup brushes, so I always carry around a few of my Sigma travel brushes.

In one of my next posts, I’ll show you a few pics of it.


Have you ever tried any of mentioned products? What were your fav October products?




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