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“The One That I Want”, naziv je nove CHANELove kampanje koja slavi čuveni miris – CHANEL N°5. Film potpisuje slavni redatelj Baz Luhrmann (Moulin Rouge!, Veliki Gatsby), a u glavnoj ulozi je supermodel Gisele Bündchen. Prema Luhrmannovoj viziji, žena koja utjelovljuje Peticu je moderna žena koja želi uspjeti u svim segmentima života, no sluša svoje srce.

Ovaj najpoznatiji miris na svijetu, kreiran je 1921. godine. Coco Chanel zatražila je od parfumera Ernesta Beauxa da kreira miris koji predstavlja modernu ženu. Broj pet bio je njen sretan broj i izabrala je upravo petu ponuđenu seriju komponenti. Od tuda i naziv mirisa – CHANEL N°5.


Gisele Bündchen; CHANEL N°5 #TheOneThatIWant


Ovo je miris kojeg i sama koristim i obožavam. :x Izvrsno se stopi s mojom kožom i doslovno postane dijelom nje. Miriše na čistoću, koja se miješa s cvjetnim notama jasmina i ruže. Kada se otklone sve upečatljive note, na dnu ostaje puderasti trag. Kao takav, miris se dugo zadržava na koži.

Ženstven miris, koji je istovremeno snažan i nježan. Zavodljiv na vrlo sofisticiran način.

CHANEL N°5 #TheOneThatIWant


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Sviđa li vam se kampanja? Volite li N°5?



  50 komentara to “CHANEL N°5 #TheOneThatIWant”

  1. Kampanja je :x :x Giesel je prezgodna @)
    Od petica najdraža su mi Premier i Elixir Sensuel verzije. :)

  2. Kampanja je odlična!! Volim ovaj miris. Odiše ženstvenošću!!

  3. I haven’t used Channel NO. 5 despite its hype :D

  4. omg i always wanted to try for channel brand parfume..
    but i just dont have enough money yet.. *sigh*

  5. frankly speaking, i’ve never tried out this fragrance at all, even though i’ve heard so much of it. i guess it’s time i give it a try!

  6. Never own product from chanel before.
    There’s no chanel store near my home *sad*.
    Though I can buy it online, this brand is pricey for me as uni-student so it will be such a waste if I don’t like the result, hope there is chanel store near here so I cantry the product with tester first^^

  7. ive never smelt any of their perfumes. i love their packaging

  8. This has to be one of the best perfumes ever :)
    Loved the film !!!

  9. Aaaahh !!! This is one of my favorite perfume & I’m already on my fourth bottle .. Just freaking LOVE it :-D

  10. Never tried the perfume! I’m so curious now >,<)
    Hope I can see channel's counter here in my place :(
    Thanks for sharing <3

  11. I want the perfume so badly!! >< Hope it have great reviews =)

  12. I soo wana get my hands on the Chanel N.5 ! Soon enough I will I guess !!

  13. Chanel 5 looks absolutely adorable. :)

  14. Chanel N5 is one of my favourite perfume … I always keep an Extra in my stock :)

  15. This is on my wishlist too. Looks amazing.

  16. Absolutely DIVINE! I love everything about the movie – From the music to Gisele’s looks. J’adore! <3

  17. channel not really my scent but the film is really interesting.. i enjoy watching it!!!

  18. Chanel No.5 is my absolute favorite perfume and has been for years! I love the commercial!

  19. Awww I want it too! Wish to get them on my hands soon <3

  20. To be honest, it is growing on me. I didn’t like it in the past but now I wouldn’t say no to it :-)

  21. I am so excited to watch this film! I love Luhrmann since he started with Romeo and Juliet then The Great Gatsby. I am so looking forward to watch this!

  22. I really loved to read this story. Chanel N°5 is one of the best parfum ever. I’ve loved it since I was a little kid

  23. A totally classic scent! I think every woman needs a bottle of this at home.

  24. I have bought the Chanel 5recently in Douglas store in Stutgart Germany
    and unfortunatly dissapointed.
    It seems I got fake on with the price of original
    it smells like aftershave

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